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Healing Trauma Through Connection


Our Philosophy

We honor your courage to embark on the process of rediscovering yourself and starting the road to reconnect with your true essence and overcome personal struggles. We see in every survivor a thriver, and we operate from that point of view, co-creating and allowing a compassionate relational space to experience safety and personal resilience at your own pace. Welcome to Co-Compassion, begin healing trauma through connection.

We work under the major principles of a Trauma Informed Practices

  • Trauma is part of many disorders and challenges for people of all ages. A trauma- informed view recognises that there is an interrelation between trauma and potential outcomes of trauma – substance abuse, eating disorders, depression and anxiety.
  • Trauma is not just a psychological experience; it is a mind-body experience. The role of the body, physiology, neurobiology and neurodevelopment must be emphasized; Mind- Body responses define how trauma is experienced.
  • Symptoms and trauma reactions are reframed as Adaptive Coping mechanisms necessary to survive, not a pathology. Rather than defining behavior with pathology, responses are reframed as normal reactions to abnormal circumstances when it comes to traumatic events.
  • The individual, family, group or community is empowered to collaborate in therapy, and intervention reflect cultural preferences and worldviews. Trauma Informed practice reframes the individual as a Participant rather than as a patient.
  • The individual, family, group or community is viewed as having the potential not only to survive, but also to thrive. In Trauma-informed practice, enhancing personal resilience and the capacity for post-traumatic growth are as important as addressing the trauma itself.

What to expect from us

Navigating the path to healing developmental trauma requires a thoughtful and multi-dimensional approach. Working with us, you’ll find a comprehensive collection of resources and experience for treating this type of trauma. Compassionate Inquiry and Trauma-informed art therapy serve as a cornerstone in our therapeutic process, offering safe relational spaces to engage the compassionate mind in uncovering the deep-rooted origins of emotional pain.

In discussing the significance of incorporating body-focused approaches in trauma treatment, Bessel van der Kolk states: ”To change, people need to become aware of their sensations and the way that their bodies interact with the world around them.” (Van der Kolk, B., 2014)

Our compassion training modules offer insight into trauma’s neurobiological and psychological aspects. These resources will enlighten you on the scientific facets of trauma and equip you with practical techniques to experience these principles in your therapeutic practice or personal healing journey.

Whether you’re a healthcare professional aiming to enhance your current methodologies or an individual embarking on your path to recovery, we offer something for everyone. We are dedicated to furnishing you with the necessary tools to cultivate a compassionate practice, empowering you to live a life not constrained by past traumas but enriched with purpose and meaningful connections.