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Joakim Appell

Swedish, English on Zoom or in-person in Stockholm

In Joakims work the healing process takes place in the relationship between two humans. Together with him you will co-create a safe space to re-connect and experience yourself. Co-creation is key. You will together tailor a process following your needs.
He has a lived experience from overcoming substance and behavioural addictions as well as growing up in and leaving a high control religion, lost a child, He is authentic, compassionate, curious and passionate. Read about our Compassionate Inquiry Therapy under services.

Are you in the CI training, looking to certify or recertify? Contact Joakim.

Do you work for an organisation, company or institution that would benefit from a facilitated Compassionate Inquiry training? Swedish and English. More info here.


  • Certified CI (Compassionate Inquiry) Practitioner
  • CI Circle leader
  • Qualified Private Mentor within the Compassionate Inquiry training programs
    Qualified Private Mentor within the Compassionate Inquiry training programs
  • CI Short course Educator for Professionals (click here)
  • Cert Specialist Recovery Coach and Sober Companion (IRSI)
  • Various recent Trauma informed trainings from TRF, IFS, ACE awareness, mindfulness and with a background as an Assistant Psychiatric Nurse
  • Supervision/Clinical Consultation CI Mentors Lois Ehrmann
Joakim one of the owners and therapist

Georgina Navarro

English, Spanish, and Portuguese sessions are available via Zoom or in-person in Florianopolis, Brazil.

Georgina is an art therapist born in Honduras, raised in Mexico, and currently living on the island of Florianópolis, Brazil. Where she has an active role in therapeutic and educational work with children and adults individually and with groups, as a Trauma-Informed Art Therapist.

Additionally, she works with groups of parents, teachers, and educators. Her 16 years of experience of working with children and parents allows her to offer a non-judgmental, compassionate, and playful space for creating new narratives in life that enhance wellbeing and enable new possibilities to navigate life. More about Georginas Trauma Informed Art Therapy under services. Get in touch with Georgina here


  • Major degree in Graphic Arts, University of Guadalajara, México
  • Registered Waldorf Educator for elementary school, Centro Antroposófico de México
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Antrophosophic Art Therapy, SAGRES Institute, Brazil.
  • Various Trainings in Trauma Informed Practices including:
  • Certified Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner
  • Trauma Informed Expressive Arts, (EXAT-CE)
  • Certified in ACE awarness -Adverse Childhood Experiences
  • Emergency Pedagogics
  • Mindfulness Self Compassion practices
Georgina one of the owners and therapist

Irina Sadakova

Irina is an experienced qigong leader, therapist, and educator. She is passionate about promoting trauma awareness, especially in the realm of education. She has a broad range of competencies in pedagogy, qigong and energy therapy, and Erickson’s hypnosis.

In her work, she intuitively chooses the method or combination of methods that suits you best to help you achieve resilience, regulation, and as a result more freedom in your life. She is currently developing a method in couples therapy that is effective and supportive in maintaining relationships. She also offers international training for teachers in self-care, increased awareness of their work, and new pedagogical methods.

In addition, she organizes workshops and retreats aimed at spreading Qigong and Compassion as a tool in everyday life, supporting ease and joy in life.

Suppose you need to receive support in your life situation, to be heard compassionately, and to have a compassionate conversation or you will participate in Irina’s events. In that case, you are most welcome to contact her. She looks forward to working with you to promote wellness and awareness in your life and career.


  • Master's degree in International and Comparative Pedagogy
  • Qigong leader and therapist
  • Certified master coach in Erickson's hypnosis
  • Compassionate Inquiry-informed educator
  • Certified folk high school teacher and language teacher



Some Pods and Youtube channels where Joakim speaks about religious trauma, addiction and Compassionate Inquiry and his lived experience of these topics. 

Shine Freely Pod (English)

Insta Live Younity Sweden (Svenska)

Vakna Podd (Svenska)

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