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Integrative CI and Art Therapy

Integration Processes Compassionate Inquiry & Art Therapy

This is a co-created process between the participant, Georgina and Joakim as a team, combining CI and Art Therapy to embody or integrate the therapeutic process. It’s a powerful dual-modality for participants that wants to enhance the construction of new meanings and restoring aliveness in their processes. 

Some valuable characteristics that this process provides:

  • Processing deep insights from the CI process through creativity and imagination.
  • Provide a profound embodiment of new understandings through Art Expression.
  • Exploring and reconnecting with creativity and recovering self-confidence.
  • Bring to “life” new meanings and restoring aliveness in the body.

Get in touch to find out more about the dual sessions. The number of sessions and dynamic between the two modalities are constructed individually, along with the participant, taking into consideration specific needs and wishes of each process and participant.