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Trauma Informed Art Therapy

Trauma Informed Art Therapy

Trauma-informed art therapy is a modality that uses the nonverbal language of art for personal growth and insight, as a vehicle to connect to what’s inside of us – our thoughts, feelings, perceptions, and beliefs of our life experiences.

The language of visual art, including colors, shapes, lines, and images, speaks to us in ways that words cannot and can help us to have a bigger understanding of who we are in the world and enhance wellbeing through self-expression.

Trauma-Informed Art Therapy is ideally suited for working with early developmental trauma which could include preverbal stages, a preverbal memory may last a life time if not treated. Art Therapy provides the means to retrieve the traumatic memory and integrate it in a new verbal autobiography. Get in touch with Georgina

“To me, it is the integrative synergy of the arts, based on cultural traditions and current trauma-informed practice, that is requisite to addressing traumatic stress with most children, adults, families, groups, and communities”   Cathy A. Malchiodi

Healing through connection to oneself trauma informed art therapy
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Trauma informed art therapy process
Healing through connection trauma informed art therapy
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